Clearlight® Vibrational Resonance Therapy

Clearlight® Vibrational Resonance Therapy - Purely Relaxation
Clearlight® Vibrational Resonance Therapy - Purely Relaxation
Clearlight® Vibrational Resonance Therapy - Purely Relaxation
Clearlight® Vibrational Resonance Therapy - Purely Relaxation
Clearlight® Vibrational Resonance Therapy - Purely Relaxation
Clearlight® Vibrational Resonance Therapy - Purely Relaxation

Vibrational Resonance Therapy by Clearlight® 

Upgrade your sauna experience with Clearlight's exclusive Vibration Resonance Therapy. Combining sound and vibration together, VRT effortlessly brings you to a deep sense of relaxation. The vibrational sound pods attach easily to turn the bench into a live speaker, while giving you the feeling of a light massage that flows with the music. Songs are introduced from your smartphone or other devices and connect to the built-in Bluetooth or AUX plug-in.

Relaxation from the bottom up
Attached below the sauna bench, VRT amplifies the sound and creates gentle vibratory waves. These waves resonate throughout the entire body activating the “Relaxation Response” to reduce stress and bring inner peace. Regular VRT use can even help relieve many chronic illnesses through long term stress reduction. 
Harmony from the top down
Infrared sauna benches and backrests are ergonomically designed to work in tandem with VRT to create a profound state of calmness. Relax with your favorite music to dramatically increase the effect of your sauna session. You will feel revitalized and focused and able to get back to your day in a brand new way. Many customers report feelings of increased inner harmony and mental clarity.
Breathe easier and feel better

VRT use has the ability to deepen respiration. When we breathe easier and deeper we feel better. Breathing also has the power to change our state of mind and we have designed our special VRT system accordingly to bring added relief and a greater sense of well-being. VRT introduces calm and rhythmic vibrations to the body enhancing your infrared sauna experience for better rest and relaxation.

Clearlight® Sauna Health Benefits

Clearlight® Infrared Saunas are thoughtfully designed to promote physical and Feeling Good Never Gets Old emotional well-being for people with various health conditions

Weight Loss

The Journal of the American Medical Association has mentioned that regular use of a sauna can have a similar boost on the cardiovascular system to running. When your body takes in infrared heat, it works hard to try and cool down by producing sweat and burning calories. A 30-minute session can burn somewhere between 250 calories or more.

Heart Health

The Department of Family Practice at the University of British Columbia, found that infrared sauna therapy can help keep blood pressure normal, lower cholesterol levels, reduce chronic pain, and treat issues such as congestive heart failure.*

Immune System Boost

The penetrating infrared wavelengths from our True Wave™ Far Infrared and Full spectrum heaters will raise your core body temperature, inducing an artificial fever. Fever is the body’s natural mechanism to strengthen and accelerate the immune response, as seen in the case of infection.


Daily sweating from sauna use can help detoxify your body as it rids itself of accumulated toxic heavy metals. At low temperature, infrared will penetrate the body’s fat cells to expel what has built-up over time

Explore Features & Upgrades

Enhance your sauna experience even further with chromotherapy lighting, red light therapy, salt halotherapy, aromatherapy oil diffuser, or vibration resonance therapy. Become a healthier and happier person with a tailored to you sauna experience.

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