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Clearlight Premier Saunas vs Sanctuary Saunas


There are a four differences between Clearlight's Premier Sauna models and the Clearlight Sanctuary Sauna models.

Chromotherapy Lighting

All Clearlight Sanctuary sauna models comes with 96 LED Medical Grade Chromotherapy lighting. The Clearlight Premier saunas have standard 15 LED Chromotherapy lighting.



The Premier saunas have a traditional sauna design and look to them. The Clearlight Sanctuary models have a modern design and look. The Sanctuary sauna models have full glass fronts and half of the roof design is glass and this adds to the modern look.



Clearlight Sanctuary models contain full spectrum infrared heat including both near and far heat. The Clearlight Premier models contain only the far infrared heat.
Far infrared heat permeates deep in to the issues of your skin and near infrared heat generates more heat but is less absorbable for your skin at close distance.
Near Infrared heat stimulates metabolism, stimulates white blood cell production, reduces inflammation and improves circulation. Far infrared heat helps with skin health, stimulating collagen, varicose veins, and age spot reduction.


Technology Access

Clearlight Sanctuary saunas are iOS/android app compatible so you can set the sauna while on the go from anywhere, while the Premier saunas have a pre-schedule feature in the sauna that allows you to turn on up to 36 hours in advance.






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